Neil Patrick Harris Will Gladly Talk You Through His Gory Gone Girl Sex Scene

Trupti Rami and Granger Willson
May 21, 2017

For Gone Girl’s memorable sex scene — its climax ending in a pool of blood — Neil Patrick Harris and Rosamund Pike spent a whole afternoon working through the scene with the “exacting” director David Fincher and, at one point, with Ben Affleck looking on. “[Fincher] was asking us to have unbridled sex — and my character is really into her so is very overwhelmed with — with great precision,” Harris said. He broke down the scene in a conversation at Vulture Festival, moment to moment: “We were just rehearsing porn for hours.”

Neil Patrick Harris Bares All About His Sex Scenes

Team Coco (YouTube)
October 23, 2014

CONAN Highlight: “Gone Girl” isn’t the first time that Neil’s had to act in the buff, but this time he didn’t have to do “the helicopter” to get ready.

Gone Girl: The Hardest Scene Neil Patrick Harris Ever Had To Film

CinemaBlend (YouTube)
October 6, 2014

Neil Patrick Harris Needs Magic to Escape Spicy Wings

Linked to minute 5:11.

Hot Ones (First We Feast)
August 11, 2022

Rosamund Pike on Rehearsing Sex Scenes with Neil Patrick Harris for Gone Girl

Late Night with Seth Meyers (YouTube)
September 29, 2014

It’s all well and good until David Fincher and Ben Affleck show up to watch.

Rosamund Pike Did Terrible Things to Dora the Explorer for Gone Girl

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (YouTube)
February 6, 2015

Rosamund Pike explains to Jimmy how she practiced for a particularly disturbing scene in her film Gone Girl.

Gone Girl: Rosamund Pike on those ‘naughty’ sex scenes and working with Ben Affleck

ODE (YouTube)
September 27, 2014

We caught up with British actress Rosamund Pike ahead of the release of one of the most the eagerly awaited films of the year, Gone Girl. Interview by Andrea Lily. Edited by Sophie Foster.

Rosamund Pike Plays a Pretty Good Sociopath

The Off Camera Show (YouTube)
November 2, 2018

Gary J. Tunnicliffe reveals his Top 5 SFX

Bloody Flicks
February 15, 2021

Box Cutter Kill (Gone Girl)

My next one is the boxcutter kill in Gone Girl. It was just an honour to work with David Fincher. I was a huge fan of David Fincher anyway, and although there’s only really one kill in the movie, because the movie is so slow burn, no one expects that kill to happen. David is incredibly precise about everything. I think we did 20 or 30 tests of flow, colour, amount and everything else. That whole sequence had to be planned to military precision because we had so much blood going everywhere that we had to clean up the actors and the bed in between takes. The actors were very patient and very cool. I will never forget Rosamund Pike on set going ‘Gary, my butt cheeks are sticking together from the blood’, or having to stick my hand up Neil Patrick Harris’ underpants to wire up the bloodline through his neck. Every time I shoved my hand up through his underwear, he said, ‘I think you and my husband are the only people who have had their hands in my underwear this much’. It was a great couple of days shooting that sequence and very bloody! And then to see the scene in the film and it be so iconic, it was fantastic. It was a badge of merit and to have David Fincher come to you at the end and shake your hand and say, ‘great job’. To me, that’s as good as any Oscar.