Film 101: Why James Wong Howe Is One of Hollywood’s Greatest Cinematographers

Turner Classic Movies
May 1, 2023

“My aesthetic has always been tied to the Gordon Willises of the world, the Jordan Cronenweths, the Conrad Halls, the James Wong Howes… the people who took risks.”

David Fincher
Seven‘ Criterion Laserdisc commentary, 1996

This May on TCM, we’re celebrating the work of groundbreaking cinematographer James Wong Howe. In this episode of Film 101, we explore how his techniques transformed cinema, the personal and professional obstacles he had to overcome, and why his work on films such as ‘He Ran All the Way’ (1951), ‘Picnic’ (1955), ‘Sweet Smell of Success’ (1957), and ‘Hud’ (1963) are celebrated to this day.

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