Is Panic Room coming to UHD Blu-ray?

Panic Room, the only David Fincher movie not available in Blu-ray, could be having its big-time debut in the most advanced version of the format.

The Czech movies and music online shop Film Arena is listing a 2 disc UHD Blu-ray edition of Panic Room to be released on September 19, 2018.

Hopefully, with the whole set of numerous extras from the Panic Room (3 Disc DVD Special Edition), a full course in modern filmmaking and a masterpiece of DVD design and authoring by David Prior, gathered in that second BD disc.

Let’s hope for a more worldwide release confirmation soon, especially in a rapidly declining market for physical formats.

Thanks to Joe Frady.

UPDATE: the Finnish movies online shop Discshop is listing the 2 disc UHD Blu-ray edition of Panic Room for September 24, 2018.

UPDATE: “Nordic” cover

2018. Panic Room - 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray. Nordic cover

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