The Hollywood Reporter: Cinematographers Roundtable

Carolyn Giardina
January 22, 2021
The Hollywood Reporter

The DPs of ‘News of the World,’ ‘One Night in Miami’, ‘Mulan,’ ‘Nomadland,’ ‘Mank’ and ‘I’m No Longer Here’ on What Hollywood Gets Wrong About Their Jobs. They also share their inspirations and who drives diversity the most on productions.

“When I wanted to be a cinematographer, somebody said to me, ‘Girls don’t do that job,’ ” Disney’s Mulan director of photography Mandy Walker admits, adding that she’s recently seen an uptick in representation. “It’s a little slower in our world, but it’s definitely changing.” Agreeing with Walker at THR‘s virtual Cinematographer Roundtable on Dec. 12 were DPs Damian Garcia of Netflix‘s I’m No Longer Here; Erik Messerschmidt of Netflix’s Mank; Tami Reiker of Amazon‘s One Night in Miami and Netflix‘s The Old Guard; Joshua James Richards of Searchlight’s Nomadland; and Dariusz Wolski of Universal‘s News of the World. Inspiration, diversity and the future of theatrical exhibition drove the conversation. “Seeing people congregate together wearing masks in the middle of a plague … was one of those moments for me where I was just like, ‘I’m a filmmaker for life now.’ It made me realize I’m kind of ready to go down with the ship, to be honest,” recalls Richards of Nomadland‘s drive-in premiere in September. “If filmmaking stops being about that, people coming together, congregating for an experience that’s awe-inspiring, I might prefer to do something else.”

Read the full roundtable

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