Designing costumes for black & white ‘Mank’ is more fun than it sounds

Costume Designer Trish Summerville (Dania Maxwell/Los Angeles Times)

Janet Kinosian
January 13, 2021
Los Angeles Times

When director David Fincher called to tell costume designer Trish Summerville that his long talked-about film “Mank” — starring Gary Oldman as “Citizen Kane” screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz — had gotten the green light, she knew it was destined to be “smart, funny, poignant, beautiful; it would tick all the boxes!”

“I definitely jumped at the chance,” says Summerville, who worked with Fincher on numerous other projects, though never before on a black and white feature film. “Besides a great story, with David I knew it was going to be incredible. I love working with him, and aside from this, he’s one of my favorite humans.”

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