Mank: Interviews. Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman plays screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz in Mank.

Margaret Gardiner (YouTube)
November 16, 2020

Arab News (YouTube)
December 10, 2020

Netflix Film Club (YouTube)
January 12, 2021

Inside Total Film: Gary Oldman & Lily Collins for Mank + Viggo Mortensen & Lance Henriksen for Falling

Inside Total Film
December 3, 2020

Gary Oldman found ‘Mank’ a more challenging role than Sid Vicious or Dracula

Brian Truitt
November 19, 2020
USA Today

Gary Oldman On Playing ‘Mank’, Working With David Fincher And His Take On The Controversial Question Of Who Really Wrote ‘Citizen Kane’

Pete Hammond
December 4, 2020

Gary Oldman on finding the frequency of ‘Mank’

Jake Coyle
December 7, 2020
Associated Press

Sir Paul McCartney, Miranda Hart and Gary Oldman

Zoe Ball
December 21, 2020
The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show

Gary Oldman: 1:08:26 min.

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