Mank: Interviews. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried plays actress Marion Davies, life partner of William Randolph Hearst, in Mank.

Amanda Seyfried, Mank, Best party, Dad’s response, fame & motherhood

Margaret Gardiner (YouTube)
October 31, 2020

Breaking Entertainment News: Amanda Seyfried on MANK

Golden Globes (YouTube)
November 13, 2020

Amanda Seyfried Talks MANK, Playing Marion Davies, Filming Multiple Takes with David Fincher

Jake’s Takes (YouTube)
November 19, 2020

Interview: Amanda Seyfried – Mank

CineXpress (YouTube)
November 23, 2020

Amanda Seyfried über “Mank”

CINEMA-Magazin (YouTube)
November 25, 2020

Amanda Seyfried: intervista ai protagonisti di Mank di David Fincher

Cinefilos_it (YouTube)
November 28, 2020

Could Amanda Seyfried bag an Oscar for Netflix movie Mank?

On Demand Entertainment (YouTube)
November 29, 2020

Amanda Seyfried On Netflix’s ‘Mank’: ‘It Just Couldn’t Get Any More Beautiful’

CBS Los Angeles (YouTube)
November 30, 2020

Nelson Aspen chats with Amanda Seyfried & Lily Collins about “Mank”

NelsonAspen (YouTube)
November 30, 2020

Amanda Seyfried Mank Interview

December 1, 2020

Amanda Seyfried MANK Interview | Netflix

kinowetter (YouTube)
December 2, 2020

Interview: Amanda Seyfried on working with David Fincher on Mank

Próxima Tanda (YouTube)
December 2, 2020

Amanda Seyfried Interview – “Mank”

Paul’s Trip to the Movies (YouTube)
December 2, 2020


Bonnie Laufer Krebs (YouTube)
December 2, 2020

Conversations: Amanda Seyfried

FilmGordon (YouTube)
December 2, 2020

Amanda Seyfried On The Dream She Never Thought She Had

Sarina Bellissimo (YouTube)
December 3, 2020

Interview: Amanda Seyfried star of ‘Mank’ (Netflix)

AwardsWatch (YouTube)
December 3, 2020

Amanda Seyfried on Oscar Buzz, Her Birthday & Scaring Her Husband

Jimmy Kimmel Live (YouTube)
December 3, 2020

Amanda Seyfried talks about jumping into history, Black & White cinema and working with Gary Oldman.

Review Nation (YouTube)
December 4, 2020

Amanda Seyfried discusses her character Marion Davie on Netflix’s MANK

Jana On Camera (YouTube)
December 4, 2020

Amanda Seyfried talks about playing Marion Davies In David Fincher’s Mank

blackfilmandtv (YouTube)
December 4, 2020

MANK: Hablamos con Amanda Seyfried

La Cosa Cine (YouTube)
December 4, 2020

Amanda Seyfried on Mank I Netflix Interview

Brief Take (YouTube)
December 4, 2020

Amanda Seyfried on The Graham Norton Show (2020)

The Graham Norton Show (YouTube)
December 4, 2020


Movies Con Jovanny (YouTube)
December 6, 2020

Amanda Seyfried Takes Us from Lessons Learned on Mean Girls to Making Mank with David Fincher

Collider (YouTube)
December 5, 2020

Conversations at Home with Amanda Seyfried of MANK

SAG-AFTRA Foundation (YouTube)
January 13, 2021

MANK | Entrevista a Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins y Tom Pelphrey

SensaCine (YouTube)
December 2, 2020

‘Mank’ Interviews with Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Tom Pelphrey

CinemaBlend (YouTube)
December 2, 2020

Cinema | Mank: il nostro incontro con Amanda Seyfried e Tom Pelphrey (YouTube)
December 3, 2020

Amanda Seyfried e Lily Collins: como foi desaparecer no mundo de ‘MANK’

UOL (YouTube)
December 3, 2020

Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Tom Pelphrey – Mank | Röportaj #18

FilmLoverss (YouTube)
December 4, 2020

Amanda Seyfried Dishes on Her Farm Life

Late Night with Seth Meyers (YouTube)
December 16, 2020

Tackling an Ingenue | Amanda Seyfried on Marion Davis and Mank

Netflix (YouTube)
January 14, 2021

Amanda Seyfried reflects on her path to career-best notices for ‘Mank’

Riley Chow
January 21, 2021
Gold Derby

Actors on Actors: Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Kirby

Kate Aurthur
January 29, 2021

Amanda Seyfried Reacts To ‘Mank’ Oscar Buzz

ET Canada (YouTube)
January 29, 2021

Amanda Seyfried on Oscar buzz, saying ‘no’ to superhero films

Associated Press (YouTube)
January 29, 2021

Amanda Seyfried talks her new film ‘Mank’ and farm life

Popcorn with Peter Travers (YouTube)
February 19, 2021

Amanda Seyfried talks about her new film, ‘Mank’

Good Morning America (YouTube)
February 19, 2021

Mank | Conversation with Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave

Netflix (YouTube)
February 26, 202

Cher in Conversation with Amanda Seyfried

Netflix Awards FYC
March 4, 2021

A conversation with Actor Amanda Seyfried on behalf of MANK. Moderated by Cher.

Amanda Seyfried’s First Magazine Cover Was with Clay Aiken | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (YouTube)
March 6, 2021

MANK | Q&A with Amanda Seyfried

American Cinematheque
April 5, 2021

Amanda Seyfried Marks a Career High in David Fincher’s ‘Mank’

IndieWire (YouTube)
April 8, 2021

Mank: Academy Award Nominee Amanda Seyfried with Entertainment Weekly’s Leah Greenblatt

92nd Street Y (YouTube)
April 15, 2021

Amanda Seyfried reacts to Golden Globe nomination for ‘Mank’

Sam Rubin
February 3, 2021

Amanda Seyfried on the hit film ‘Mank’

Sam Rubin
March 5, 2021

Amanda Seyfried on ‘Mank’ Marion Davies and David Fincher

April 15, 2021

Amanda Seyfried on “Mank”: “I have never seen myself dressed up that way.”

Scott Orlin
November 23, 2020
The Golden Globe (HFPA)

Amanda Seyfried and Lily Collins On Going Old-School in Mank

John Fardy
November 27, 2020
Screentime (Newstalk Podcast)

Present Company: Amanda Seyfried

Krista Smith
December 4, 2020
Present Company (Apple Podcasts)

Amanda Seyfried: Golden Age

Krista Smith
December 4, 2020
Netflix Queue

Amanda Seyfried Finally Stakes Her Claim

The “Mean Girls” and “Mamma Mia!” actress knows her performance as Marion Davies in“Mank” will be a turning point in her career. But first, she had to put some distance between herself and Hollywood.

Kyle Buchanan
November 29, 2020
The New York Times

Amanda Seyfried Finds the Nuances in Marion Davies in ‘Mank’

Frank J. Avella
December 2, 2020
Awards Daily

Amanda Seyfried on working with director David Fincher on ‘Mank’

Susan King
December 13, 2020
Gold Derby

Amanda Seyfried Talks ‘Mank,’ ‘Mean Girls,’ Working With David Fincher & The Benefits Of 100 Takes [Interview]

Rodrigo Perez
January 25, 2021
The Playlist

The 2015 Movie Draft. Plus: Amanda Seyfried!

Sean FennesseyAmanda Dobbins, and Chris Ryan
January 26, 2021
The Big Picture (The Ringer Podcasts)

Interview: Amanda Seyfried on Marion Davies, Old Hollywood and ‘Mank’

Karen M. Peterson
January 28, 2021
We Live Entertainment

Awards Daily Podcast: Amanda Seyfried on What Marion Davies Would Think of Her ‘Mank’ Triumph

Clarence Moye
January 29, 2021
Awards Daily

Amanda Seyfried is not taking this moment for granted

Lindsey Bahr
February 23, 2021

Amanda Seyfried’s Golden Age

Katey Rich
February 23, 2021
Vanity Fair

Awards Spotlight: Amanda Seyfried Marks a Career High in David Fincher’s ‘Mank’ (Watch)

Anne Thompson
February 26, 2021

An Intimate Look at Amanda Seyfried’s Virtual Golden Globes Celebration

Erik Messerschmidt captured the night in a series of intimate photos for Vogue.

Sarah Spellings
March 1, 2021

Amanda Seyfried on ‘Mank’

Alison Stewart
March 3, 2021
All Of It (WNYC)

Interview: Amanda Seyfried Talks ‘Mank’ and Being a Good Person

Joey Magidson
March 6, 2021
Awards Radar

The Next Best Picture Podcast: Interview With “Mank” Star, Amanda Seyfried

Daniel Howat
March 6, 2021
Next Best Picture

The Awardist podcast: How Amanda Seyfried pushed herself to new heights in Mank

David Canfield
March 08, 2021
Entertainment Weekly

The Jess Cagle Podcast w/ Julia Cunningham: Amanda Seyfrie‪d‬

Jess Cagle
March 11, 202
The Jess Cagle Podcast w/ Julia Cunningham (Apple Podcasts)

I Got You Babe

Amanda Seyfried Interviewed by Cher

March 25, 2021
Netflix Queue

The Envelope Podcast: Amanda Seyfrie‪d

Mark Olsen
April 14, 2021
The Envelope (Los Angeles Times)

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