Exclusive event. Creating the unique HDR look for Netflix’s Mindhunter


Colorist Eric Weidt shares creative insights on using Dolby Vision and Baselight to shape the look of the gripping Netflix original series.

Join us for an exclusive presentation by colorist Eric Weidt, who will demonstrate how he collaborated with producer and director David Fincher to create the look of the masterful psychological thriller Mindhunter.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how Eric developed the HDR color grade, which drew inspiration from films of the ’70s – demonstrated live on BaseLight.

The presentation will be followed by a technical discussion where Eric will be joined by Peter Postma, FilmLight‘s Managing Director of the Americas, Thomas Graham, Dolby‘s Sr. Manager of Imaging Content Solutions and Chris Clark, Manager – Imaging Science Technologies at Netflix who will share insights from their work with the latest tools and solutions for creating amazing HDR content.

March 28, 2018
Dolby Cinema Vine Theatre
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Full details of the event:

FilmLight – Creating the unique HDR look for Mindhunter
Eventbrite – Creating the unique HDR look for Mindhunter

2018-03-17 Eventbrite - Exclusive event. Creating the unique HDR look for Netflix's Mindhunter (Mindhunter Logos)

Exclusive event: Creating the unique HDR look for Netflix’s Mindhunter

A Q&A with producer Peter Mavromates and colourist Eric Weidt

9 thoughts on “Exclusive event. Creating the unique HDR look for Netflix’s Mindhunter”

  1. It would be ‘quite nice’ if this were recorded & uploaded in full, afterwards.
    In the same way that it would be ‘quite nice’ to drink Cristal from the navel of Charlize Theron/Brad Pitt {delete as appropriate, or keep both}… Please.


    1. I’d definitely keep them both… I’m at an age where I can’t afford to be that picky 🙄

      About the other thing… What was it? Oh, yes, the event! I would be shortsighted of FilmLight not record and show it for free! I’m quite sure they’ll use it as an educational and promotional asset.


  2. Beggars can’t be choosers my friend 😉

    í hope that you’re right about the event / asset. Filmlight’s vimeo channel is a little dusty {newest post 6 weeks ago}, but there is some great material on there; the interview with Peter Doyle of Technicolor from one year ago is a knock-out.



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