Cinematography Style: Darius Khondji

Gray Kotzé (Director of Photography)
May 16, 2021
In Depth Cine

Darius Khondji is a cinematographer who is able to adapt images into almost any form to mimic the style of whichever director he works with, while subtly mixing in some of his own photographic traits. In this episode of cinematography style, I’ll break down the work of Khondji by examining his philosophy on photography as well as some of the gear which he uses to execute these ideas.

0:00: Introduction
1:23: Background
2:26: Philosophy
5:09: Gear
9:01: Conclusion

Liquid Memoirs‘Shimmer’
Eill‘The Horizon’
Isben Producer ‘Dream’
The Cliff‘Terms Of Motion’
Norvik ‘Walking The Universe’
Lalinea‘Will You Dance With Me’

Conversations with Darius Khondji (American Cinematographer, November 2018)
Bedazzled (British Cinematographer, April 2020)

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