Murmur: Chuck Palahniuk. “Fight Club” @20

Robert Milazzo
November 2, 2019
Murmur (The Modern School of Film)

Where craft meets culture. Hosted by The Modern School of Film’s Robert Milazzo, Murmur is a prescient tour through our sight and sound culture; featuring scenes, songs, and an array of guest tour-guides from all sides of the brain:

Oh, F’it, let’s actually talk about the film Fight Club @ Twenty – still the smartest delinquent in the room – with the man whose book-as-rolling-ball-of-art-and-confusion began a movie birthed by an apropos society of full-throated artists: Chuck Palahniuk. The film still can’t drink, but it’s no less a danger to society. Its meta and mythos are more than meets the eye, and its fever-pitch lives in Chuck’s own agnostic baptisms. Write what you know, perhaps; film what’s to remain, please. Live from Cologne, Germany Live from Cologne, Germany, with an assist from Black Francis of The Pixies. Gleiten [Slide].

June 25, 2019
CCXP, Cologne (Germany)

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7 thoughts on “Murmur: Chuck Palahniuk. “Fight Club” @20”

  1. My name is John Hunter and my PhD looks at a brutal form of group training (LGATs). Chuck Palahniuk took part in an early version of the Landmark Forum in 1989 (“The Forum”) and, when you know what to look for, it is crystal clear that he, and later, David Fincher were satirising this industry in Fight Club. I was wondering why no one had picked this up before.


      1. I thought so… the irony of Palahniuk and Fincher splicing single frames of hints (e.g. “Franklin Street” and “6868 Emery Pl* and “Pressman” Hotel), much like Tyler did, seems too much of a stretch for most.


          1. Hi Leonard. Thanks for actually looking into this. Most people just assume it’s delusional to suggest that two people like Palahniuk and Fincher would do something mischievous like this.
            The Cult Education Institute entry was written by me in 2012, but the ideas are not yet fully formed. In 2013 I returned to university to study psychology, and in 2017 I completed a PhD on these trainings. This weekend I wrote an article that explains the metaphor of Fight Club. Hard to get people to consider the possibility that it’s not just about consumerism and masculinity.
            Appreciate the fact that you checked it out.


          2. I had the suspicion that you were the author of that post. And, of course, it’s always interesting to discover new layers in this intricate film.

            Do you have a publisher or a website for your article?


          3. Hi Leonard
            I’m looking at academic journals, but I don’t want to edit it too much to suit their requirements. I also want it to be accessed by as many people as possible and often journals have limitations, so I’m open to suggestions.


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