“MINDHUNTER”: Pushing Boundaries in Post-Production (NAB Show 2018)

2018-04-09 Adobe Creative Cloud (YouTube) - MINDHUNTER. Pushing Boundaries in Post-Production (NAB Show 2018) 02

Billy Peake & Tyler Nelson, “MINDHUNTER” Post-Production Team
April 9, 2018
Adobe Creative Cloud (YouTube)

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Thanks to Jonny Elwyn

NAB 2018 – An Interview with the MINDHUNTER post-production team

Tyler Nelson and Billy Peake made extensive use of the Adobe suite including Premiere Pro

Scott Simmons
April 18, 2018
ProVideo Coalition

I don’t do a lot of interviews with editors, that’s the domain of Steve Hullfish and his legendary ART OF THE CUT series but when I saw that Adobe had some editors available for a chat at NAB 2018 I thought … why not. I had done some audio interviews before at NAB and I figured posting an audio interview to Soundcloud was a lot more likely to happen during a busy NAB week than trying to shoot and edit video (I did that one year with an iPad) or take a lot of photos and write up articles on what I saw.

Listen to the full interview

4 thoughts on ““MINDHUNTER”: Pushing Boundaries in Post-Production (NAB Show 2018)”

  1. I’m depressed after watching this. Tomorrow I’m setting up my new project and I know it will take me a few days before I even start editing. What he showed here is on another level… and from a different universe.


    1. Don’t despair, brother. You’ll eventually get to Post-Production heaven. Just follow the lead of our Messiah David Andrew Leo, and his Apostles.


    2. I’m a little late to the party Mikez, and this would likely only apply to your next project, but if you are on mac and have FCPX, I would give these plugin’s a try:
      Shot Notes X https://vimeo.com/93521161
      and Sync N Link X https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQR5KYG7znU

      These plugins have been around for years and do the same thing was demoed in Tyler and Bill’s presentation. The great thing about FCPX is that it is the IOS of NLEs’ so just as there are a plethora of apps on the App store for the Iphone there are tons of stuffs for FCPX. What’s even greater is that these apps tend to be fair cheap in the 20-50 dollar range.


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