2017. MINDHUNTER. Season 1, Episode 01

Opening credits

A Netflix Original Series

Jonathan Groff

Holt McCallany

Hannah Gross

Cotter Smith

Jordan Gelber
Thomas Francis Murphy

Lee Sellars
David H. Holmes

Julia Crockett
Thomas Phillip O’Neill

Casting by Laray Mayfield, CSA
  & Julie Schubert, CSA
Costume Designer Jennifer Starzyk
Music by Jason Hill
Editor Kirk Baxter, ACE
Production Designer Steve Arnold
Director of Photography Christopher Probst
Co-Producers Kirk Baxter
  William Doyle
  Jennifer Haley
  Peter Mavromates
Producers Jim Davidson
  Mark Winemaker
Executive Producers Beth Kono
  Charlize Theron
Executive Producer Joe Penhall
Executive Producers Ceán Chaffin
  Joshua Donen
  David Fincher
Created by Joe Penhall
Based Upon the Book by John Douglas
  and Mark Olshaker
Written by Joe Penhall
Directed by David Fincher

Closing Credits

Unit Production Manager Allen Kupetsky
Unit Production Manager Brett J. Cranford
First Assistant Director Courtenay Miles
Second Assistant Director Stuart Valberg
Executive Producer Jennifer Erwin
Associate Producer Andrea McKee
Consultant John Douglas
Aditional Director of Photography Erik Messerschmidt
Cast (in order of appearance)  
Holden Ford Jonathan Groff
Ninkovich Lee Sellars
Cody Miller David H. Holmes
Hostage Joanna Lowe
Sissy Miller Julia Crockett
Unit Chief Shepard Cotter Smith
Peter Rathman Jordan Gelber
Debbie Mitford Hannah Gross
Quantico Instructor Carter Bratton
Leo Buchanan Thomas Phillip O’Neill
Trainee Mire Ben Mathews
Trainee Mark Jordan Kantola
Trainee Chris Zach Steffey
Trainee Steve Leighton Samuels
Trainee Sullivan Chris Boylan
Bill Tench Holt McCallany
Iowa Reporter #1 Courtney Decosky
Iowa Reporter #2 Derek Leonidoff
Iowa Police Captain Paul Hickert
Iowa Police Officer #1 Adam John Daveline
Iowa Police Officer #2 David Bodenschatz
Iowa Police Officer #3 Ari Blinder
Iowa Police Officer #4 Alexander Stine
Iowa Police Lieutenant Patrick Noonan
Detective McGraw Thomas Francis Murphy
Stunt Coordinator Gene Harrison
Utility Stunts Josiah Nolan
  Ian Pack
Local Casting by Donna Belajac, CSA
Assistant Costume Designers Kristen Kopp
  Phoenix Mellow
Costume Supervisors Leslie Sungail
  Linda Matthews
Key Costumer Eileen Sieff Stroup
Costumers Cailey Breneman
  Paul John Carli
  Alison Evans
  Kelli French
  Mindy Gregory
  Gina LaMonica
  Kate Mitchell
  Derek St. Pierre
Tailor Sigrid Reitger
Make-Up Department Head Gigi Williams
Key Make-Up Assistant Michelle Audrina Kim
Make-Up Artist Rachel Geary
Hair Department Head Kenneth Walker
Key Hairstylist Paula Ashby
Hairstylist Ervette Mahan
Art Directors Andrés Cubillán
  Gary Kosko
Assistant Art Directors Sandra Carmola
  Gary McMonnies
Art Department Coordinator Laura Pliskin
Graphic Designer Eleni Diamantopoulos
Set Designers Sarah Contant
  Kate Dougherty
  Julie Ray
  Cassidy Shipley
Property Master John Bankson
Assistant Property Masters Kip A. Bartlett
  Tom Garrigan
Property Assistant Jesse Ross
Property Buyer Jeanette Leh
Set Decorator Tracey A. Doyle, SDSA
Set Dec Coordinator Dana Michael
Set Dec Buyers Donald Rager
  Diana Stoughton
Leadman Robert Schlenig
Gang Bosses Demian Aspinwall
  Jack Coyle
  Dave Rotondo
  Peter Rippe
Set Dressers Matthew Carraher
  B.D. Fombelle
  Lauren Jurysta
  Luke Kislack
  Ryan Lohrer
  Jessica Silver
On Set Dresser Nikolai Loveikis
Production Coordinator Karla Torres
Assistant Production Coordinator Gavin Atilano
Script Supervisor Diane Collins
Second Second Assistant Director Luke A. Crawford
Additional Second Assistant Director Laura Hoyt
Production Accountants Amy Ostrower
  Rodin Ginsberg
Payroll Accountant Candie S. Smoot
First Assistant Accountant Brenda Chae
Second Assistant Accountants Ashton J. Blessing
  Bethany Koshinski
  Judith Strazerra
Payroll Assistant Cooper Opalinski
Accounting Assistants Madison Hinkle
  Ally Quinn
  Emily Stark
A Camera Operator Christopher Probst
B Camera Operator Brian S. Osmond, SOC
A Camera Assistants Alex Scott
  Gary Bevans
B Camera Assistant Rick Crumrine
Loader William Crumrine
Still Photographer Patrick Harbron
Production Sound Mixer Buck Robinson, CAS
Boom Operator Cole Bluma
Sound Utility Jason Jouver
Gaffer Danny Gonzalez
Best Boy Electric Michael Tolochko, Jr.
Rigging Gaffer Gary Dahlquist
Best Boy Rigger Doug Lerma
Dimmer Board Operator Nic Jones
Electricians Erica Kim
  Donald Klinefelter
  Sean Murray
  Evan Hauth
Key Grip Eric Budlong
Best Boy Grip Chris Moriarity
Key Rigging Grip Chris Beattie
Best Boy Rigging Grip David A. Dwyer
Dolly Grips Dwayne Barr
  Kenneth Davis
Grips Matt Bulleri
  Chad Cunningham
  Michael Mull
Rigging Grips David “Yoko”Jose
  Joseph Hagan
  Brennan Riley
  Michael P. Scott
Construction Coordinator Joseph Waterkotte
Construction Shop Foreman Louis P. Taylor
Location Foreman Brent Peelor
Labor Foreman Michael Waterkotte
Supervising Scenic Painter Kay Kropp
Plasterer Foreman Michael G. Khalil
Scenic Foremen Julie Chill
  April Freeman
  Rick McLean
  Robert H. Winn
Construction Foreman John Jacobson
Gang Bosses Daniel Bothe
  Daragh Byrne
  Daniel McGuinness
Plasterer Gang Bosses Sean Hospodar
  Brian Kontz
Scenic Gang Bosses Todd Clevenger
  Sonia Garcia
  Maret Wicken
Toolman / Gang Boss Paul Bistrician
Buyer / Auditor Rebecca Markuson
On Set Scenic Sandra Budd
Special Effects Coordinator Raymond M. Tasillo
Special Effects Technicians Timothy Spiegel
  Jason Trosky
  Taylor Weiner
New York Casting Associate Candice Alustiza-Lee
New York Casting Assistant Joanna Levinger
Pennsylvania Casting Associate Missy Haught
Pennsylvania Casting Assistant Lindsay Zappala
Background Casting by Katie Shenot
  Stephanie Bankosh
Background Casting Assistant Nikki Moriello
Transportation Coordinator Marc Scott
Transportation Captain Vince Junkins
Supervising Picture Car Coordinator Tim Woods
Picture Car Coordinator Ed Coennen
Picture Car Choreographer M. Rolin-Fox
Drivers Dave Allen
  Dave Allen, Jr.
  Michael Bearer
  Bob Bowen. Jr.
  Robert Bowen
  Michael Ceoffe
  Daniel Cornyn
  William Doyle
  Joseph Fanell
  Frank M. Fink
  Mike Fischer
  Tom Fleming
  Ken Gehringer
  Thomas Giza
  John Grant
  Sean M. Joyce
  Timothy M. Kloes
  Rick Koenig
  Mark J. LeJeune
  Mike McCaskey
  Dominic Mecchia
  Dennis Michels
  Allen Milligan
  Patrick Mullin
  Roger Nicholas
  Kenneth Pohl
  Kevin Powers
  Byron Roland
  Patrick Roland
  Alex Sanguigni
  Joe Sikorski
  Ronald Sikorski
  Drew Smith
  Rebecca Ussack
  Greg Viglione
  Tom Weifenbach
DOT Compliance Katie Scott
Supervising Location Manager William Doyle, LMGI
Location Manager Frederick G. Schroeder
Assistant Location Managers Alex Case
  Kate Chase
  Greg Felmley
  Chris Hinton
Location Coordinator Katie Mack
Assistant to Ms. Theron Sara Baggar
Assistant to Mr. Winemaker Evan Butterworth
Travel Coordinator Nathan W. Collins
Production Secretary Jonathan Ong
Production Assistants Alex Bonner
  Greg Brittain
  Colleen Cavolo
  Jack Davis
  Liam Doyle
  Paul Duggan
  John Finnell
  Trevor Hallinan
  Zack Hoey
  D.J. Hrach
  Biz Kopp
  Kyle Rawlinson
  Sylvia Sims-Linkish
Craft Service David Guilbeau
Key Craft Service Gabriel Guilbeau
Catering by Tony’s Food Service
Chef Alejandro Cordero, Jr.
Cooks Norberto Garcia
  Jose Manuel Lopez
  Arnoldo Lopez
Assistant Editors Billy Peake
  Alex Olivares
  Michael Vu
  Greg Lomasney
  Kyle Traynor
Apprentice Editor Casey Curtiss
Post Production Supervisor Amanda Weir
Post Production Assistant Jennifer Chung
Archival Content Supervisor Jude Jansen
Digital Intermediate Colorist Eric Weidt
Post Production Services Provided by Light Iron
Post Production Sound Services Provided by Skywalker Sound
A Lucasfilm Ltd. Company
Marin County, California
Sound Designer Ren Klyce
Supervising Sound Editor Jeremy Molod
Re-Recording Mixers Scott R. Lewis
  Nathan Nance
  Stephen Urata
Sound Effects Editor Steve Bissinger
Dialogue Editor Chris Gridley
Foley Editor Shaun Farley
Foley Artists Shelley Roden
  John Roesch
Foley Mixer Scott Curtis
Music Editor Jonathon Stevens
Music Clearances by Matt Lilley
  MCL Music Services
Loop Group The Loop Squad
Visual Effects by Savage Visual Effects
  Christopher Doulgeris
  Chad Peter
  Lola Visual Effects
Main Title Designed by Kellerhouse, Inc.
End Titles by Scarlet Letters
Collaboration Powered by PIX System, LLC

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

The characters and events depicted in this program are fictitious. No depiction of actual persons or events is intended.

Copyright © 2017, Netflix Studios, LLC. All rights reserved.

This project was made possible with the support of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and The Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh Film Offices.

Pennsylvania Film Office
Pittsburgh Film Office

International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Teamsters Local 399
This Picture made under the jurisdiction of IATSE. Affiliated with A.F.L.- C.I.O.-C.L.C.

RED Digital Cinema. Shot on RED ®
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Dolby Vision

Denver and Delilah Productions


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