2013. Calvin Klein – Downtown

Version 1

Version 2


Actress: Rooney Mara

Director: David Fincher

Producer: Robin Buxton

Production Company: Reset

Director of Photography: David Devlin

Music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Runaway”

Editor: Kirk Baxter
Assistant Editor: Nate Gross, Tyler Nelson

Production Design: Donald Graham Burt
Art Direction: Anastasia White

First Assistant Director: Bob Wagner

Camera Assistant: Steven Meizler
Gaffer: Jim Richards
Key Grip: Kevin Smyth

DI Services: Light Iron
Colorist: Ian Vertovec (Light Iron)
DI Producers: Katie Fellion, Emily Eddey

VFX: a52
Post Producer: Toby Louie
Flame Artists: Stefan Gaillot, Cameron Coombs, Steve Wolff
VFX Producers: Scott Boyajan, Terry O’Gara
Executive Producers: Megan Meloth, Jennifer Sofio Hall

Stylist: Ryan Hastings
Makeup Artist: Kate Lee
Hair: Danilo

Studio: Baron & Baron
Creative Director: Fabien Baron, Baron & Baron
Print campaign shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Company: Calvin Klein (Coty)
Producers: Megan Loop & Sarah Holme (Calvin Klein)
Advertising Agency: CRK
Agency Producer: Mina Veil, Gwen Frey

Shot on RED EPIC Monochrome camera

Release date: July 9, 2013

Jarred Land, President of RED Digital Cinema
July 8, 2013

This is the ad that sparked the creation of the Monochrome Epic late last year.

Fincher came to me one day last fall and told me the concept of this piece. Said he wanted to shoot it monochrome and asked if there was any way for us to get better tonal range for shooting monochrome outside of just desaturation and post.

After I had a quick chat about the options with our sensor engineers, the monochrome program was born… the same day.

Ian Vertovec, Supervising Colorist at Light Iron
March 17, 2019

David wanted to create the look of the East German BW ORWO film stock. I did a lot of research on what I could do to emphasize this concept. I ended up creating a black halation that resembled a kinescope effect. You can see the Halo around Rooney’s head against the white walls.

Shot on RED mono. Filmout and rescanned at Fotokem for natural grain.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes (Never Under Dressed)

Behind the Scenes (Feel Unique)

Rooney Mara’s Calvin Klein TV Shoot (Enews)

Art Direction by Anastasia White

Production Design: Donald Graham Burt

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Print campaign shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

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