2010. RED ONE M-X – The Match (camera test)

RED M-X Reel, alternative audio

Alternative take, no audio


CompanyRed Digital Cinema
ActorLeonardo DiCaprio
DirectorDavid Fincher
Director of PhotographyJeff Cronenweth
Camera OperatorJeff Cronenweth
First Assistant CameraSteven Meizler
DI ServicesMichael Cioni. Light Iron

Technical Specifications

Runtime36 s
RED M-X Reel Runtime39 s
Alternative take Runtime19 s
Aspect Ratio2.30:1 / 2:39:1
CameraRED One M-X upgraded R1
LensMaster Prime
ApertureT1.3 (or slightly stopped down)
No noise reduction
 Key LightOnly the match

Production Details

Release DateJanuary 16, 2010
Red Studios, Hollywood

Filming Location

Fincher was shooting The Social Network at Wheelock College in Boston. Leo happened to be in Boston close to wrapping for Shutter Island and accepted to participate.

In the film, the same hallway can be seen from the opposite side (min. 00:07:51):


Jim Jannard, Founder of RED Digital Cinema
January 17, 2010

This was shot by David Fincher on a RED ONE with a Mysterium-X sensor at ISO 2000 and a Master Prime at T 1.3 (or slightly stopped down from there). Key light is only a match. When the match goes out, Leo’s face goes black.

There is absolutely no noise reduction in this shot.

David did this as a favor to us, as did Leo.

Jeff Cronenweth, ASC

There was a lot more light on the monitor than visible by eye in the scene itself.

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