2009. Nike – Pro Combat. Trail of Destruction (Alter Ego)


60”, Rock Paper Scissors version


Advertising AgencyWieden+Kennedy Portland
Executive Creative DirectorsMark Fitzloff
 Susan Hoffman
Creative DirectorsJeff Williams
 Alberto Ponte
CopywriterAntony Goldstein
Art DirectorJames Moslander
Executive ProducerBen Grylewicz
ProducerJeff Selis
Account ManagerMichael Dalton
Account SupervisorsEric Gabrielson
 Spence Kramer
Advertiser’s SupervisorTodd Pendleton
DirectorDavid Fincher
Director of PhotographyEmmanuel Lubezki
Production CompanyAnonymous Content
Managing Director / OwnerDave Morrison
Executive ProducerJeff Baron
Line ProducerEmma Wilcockson
Editorial CompanyRock Paper Scissors
EditorAngus Wall
Post ProducerKim Colen
Post Executive ProducerCarol Lynn Weaver
VFX CompanyHydraulx
VFX SupervisorEd Chapman
CG SupervisorsJoe Harkins
 Jon Tojek
Sound Design CompanyMit Out Sound
Sound DesignerRen Klyce
Sound Design ProducerMisa Kageyama
MusicSoundtree Music. London
Rock Paper Scissors version MusicJaz Coleman – The Battle Of Evermore Kashmir: Symphonic Led Zeppelin
Mix CompanyLime 
MixerSam Casas


Running BackAdrian Peterson
Running Back Stunt DoubleIsaiah Mustafa
Rival PlayerLaMonica Garrett
Rival PlayerSonny Shackelford
Rival PlayerJ.R. Lemon

Technical Specifications

Runtime90 s
Runtime60 s
Rock Paper Scissors version Runtime60 s
Aspect Ratio2.00:1
ColorBlack and White (Color Grade)

Production Details

Filming LocationsSpruce Goose hangar
Los Angeles
Principal Photography DateJuly 2009
Release DateSeptember 10, 2009


Dino Georgopoulos
October 30, 2014

This ad was shot in the Spruce Goose hangar, in July of 2009, with Steven Soderbergh’s RED ONE cameras, and Soderbergh’s assistant Steven Meizler as the RED expert.

Isaiah Mustafa
September 09, 2019
The Hollywood Reporter

I got a lot of Nike commercials where I was the stunt performer for the football player. There was a black-and-white Adrian Peterson commercial that David Fincher directed — and I’m Adrian Peterson. (Laughs.) I did everything where he was getting hit and jumping over things, and he did everything where he was just walking and being him. NFL players can’t be hit during preseason, in a commercial especially. I’ll never forget this: there was one particular hit that Fincher had us do twenty times. In a football game, it’s much easier because you’re not getting hit in one spot over and over again; it’s random. This was one particular spot where I was getting nailed. We got the shot, but I was like, “Wow, so that’s what it’s like to work with David Fincher.” (Laughs.)

But are you going to tell David Fincher no? At that point in my career — no, you’re not. You’re just gonna do what he asks you to do, and hopefully he likes what you did. I was happy to do all twenty takes, and the coolest thing about that was after that shoot was over, somebody had brought beers to set. And he actually cracked a beer and just sat back with all the football players and drank beers after that shoot. That lifted him up in our eyes. We were like, “This dude is fucking awesome.” He put us through it, but he realized, “Yeah, you guys worked hard. Let’s have a beer.” It was awesome. I actually have a picture of us that I’ll send you. It’s me, David Fincher and my buddy LaMonica Garrett, who plays The Monitor on Arrow. It’s pretty cool.

Coordinator Michael Fisher (far left), Sonny Shackelford (bottom), J.R. Lemon, Isaiah Mustafa (28), David Fincher, LaMonica Garrett (24).

Jon Tojek, CG Supervisor

For this project I worked as 3D lead working with a team of VFX workers to build and camera project the full football stadium, populate it with cheering fans, and apply the reptile sport skin texture to the footage of Peterson by frame accurate rotomation of this cyberscanned body.

Print and Billboard Ad Campaign, Website

Featuring NFL All-Pro players Adrian Peterson, Brian Urlacher, Justin Tuck and Steven Jackson, highlights Nike’s padding system Nike Pro Combat.

A 3-D overlay treatment of the distinctive Nike Pro Combat deflex pattern on Peterson’s skin is symbolic of an implied transformational experience for athletes who wear the product, and creates a visually compelling closing to the ad.

Click for a full screen view:

Concept Art

Assembly Creative

In 2009, Assembly Creative was hired to help Wieden+Kennedy develop character concepts for a pitch to Nike. Given a tight deadline, we successfully developed multiple 2D & 3D concepts for Nike’s Pro Combat apparel line. Soon after, David Fincher directed the national broadcast spot.

See more preliminary/unused concepts below:

Click for a full screen view:

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