2016-08-05. Jarred Land (Facebook) – The Mindhunter Plate Van 05

Christopher Probst: Here you can see the other decal I created, a custom compass reference aligned to “north” of the hood of the van. All measurements of pan were relative to the front hood ornament, with degrees of pan right, or left noted on our alignment notes. Setting cameras for a particular car was a matter of minutes, as we had a “Denny’s menu” for reference of all measures for that particular car. The fabrication/installation of the van of insanity was completed by Eric Budlong, Dwayne Barr, Kenny Davis and myself handling all of the structural mods and installation, camera/video wiring was performed by me, Jim O’Brien and Paul Toomey. And the electrical distribution was handled by and myself, with co-DP Erik Messerschmidt helping design the Cinetrix setup.

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