MINDHUNTER: Reviews Roundup

MINDHUNTER. Season 1: Review Index


Mindhunter Is a Great Crime Drama Arriving at the Right Cultural Moment
Jen Chaney. October 17, 2017. Vulture

TV review: Mindhunter explores history of criminology
Alison de Souza. October 18, 2017. Straits Times

Mindhunter review: Your new Netflix obsession is here, courtesy David Fincher and Charlize Theron
Rohan Naahar
. October 18, 2017. Hindustan Times

David Fincher’s ‘Mindhunter’ Brings You Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer
Nick Schager. October 16, 2017. Daily Beast

2 thoughts on “MINDHUNTER: Reviews Roundup”

  1. I’ve watched first two episodes… It’s great, dark but at the same time… very funny. I love the opening sequence… and that montage in episode two is a freaking masterpiece!! I will continue tomorrow and probably finish on Sunday.

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  2. Yeah, the American Surfaces montage was a delight. Seeing it on a big screen at the London thing was mindblowing. From a 4K DCP! í had the luck to shake hands with Peter Mavromates as í was looking for the exit afterwards, and, after congratulating him on his work, asked about the projection.
    í have yet to see the next 8 episodes…

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