MINDHUNTER: Reviews Roundup

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15 thoughts on “MINDHUNTER: Reviews Roundup”

  1. I’ve watched first two episodes… It’s great, dark but at the same time… very funny. I love the opening sequence… and that montage in episode two is a freaking masterpiece!! I will continue tomorrow and probably finish on Sunday.

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  2. Yeah, the American Surfaces montage was a delight. Seeing it on a big screen at the London thing was mindblowing. From a 4K DCP! í had the luck to shake hands with Peter Mavromates as í was looking for the exit afterwards, and, after congratulating him on his work, asked about the projection.
    í have yet to see the next 8 episodes…

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  3. On an unrelated note, do you think Fincher knew about Kevin Spacey? They’ve known each other since seven. As a fan it makes me really uncomfortable if he knew about Spacey’s predatory behaviour.


    1. I don’t recall them being close outside their occasional working relationship. Back then, there was nothing to know. And through the years, there’s been gossip and rumors about Spacey’s private life but nothing as serious and specific as the recent allegations made publicly by his victims.


      1. The latest stories are about Spacey harassing people on the set of House of Cards including season one. People were warned not to be alone with Spacey.


        1. Yes. And as troubling as that those allegations are, they were (and had to be) handled by supervisors and executives of the production company, in charge of the hiring of the film cast and crew. Directors and Showrunners, who deal with the creative aspects of a production, or Executive producers, as developers of the artistic project, might not even be aware of those situations and they have no responsibility in workplace disputes.


    2. Did Sam Mendes know? Or Curtis Hanson or Joel Schumacher, Mike Nichols, Edgar Wright… maybe Ridley Scott? I mean come on… Fincher is probably as disappointed as everyone else.

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      1. That’s the point. How many people in the industry were aware of his behaviour? I’m not saying Fincher is more culpable than the other directors or anyone else. It’s just sad now knowing Spacey has been taking advantage of and abusing men for a long time and somehow nobody knew or did anything about it.


        1. But how is anybody else supposed to know anything for sure before the victims accuse him publicly? And you can’t act upon rumors. The victims have to take that step which, for a lot of complicated psychological and social reasons, can be a steep one.


          1. It does take a lot of courage for victims to say something but in the case of Spacey and also Weinstein there were certainly people that knew what was happening and turned a blind eye. In terms of Spacey there are reports of people working on House of Cards and also from his time at the Old Vic that were aware of his behaviour. I think it’s naive to think that nobody higher up in those companies/ productions were aware of his behaviour.


  4. Anyway, I think this is going around in circles. Bringing it back to Mindhunter what this all shows is that people can be disgusting.


  5. “I think it’s naive to think that nobody higher up in those companies/ productions were aware of his behaviour.”

    I agree. I’m sure that there was some knowledge. Those same reports clearly talk about “situations handled privately”. That’s what happens when people are afraid to lose their investments (of money and time), their careers or their jobs. Even when they are harassed. Especially in the volatile movie business. It’s a tough call and I wouldn’t criticise them so easily.

    And yes, people can be disgusting so let’s try to forget all about that bringing it back to… Mindhunter and its serial killers. o_O


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