My Pop Life #171: Praying For Time – George Michael

Ralph Brown as Aaron “85” (Alien 3)

by magicman (Ralph Brown)
12 Oct 2016
Magicmenagerie’s Blog

That autumn I was doing a play called Earwig by Paula Milne at The Pit, somewhere under The Barbican in London with the RSC. Then I got a call from the agent for a meeting in Pinewood studios for Alien 3. This was terribly exciting. I adored the first Alien film, and was less keen on the second, but devoured it hungrily nonetheless. The combination of horror and science fiction was thrilling and brilliantly done. I gleaned a few details before the meeting – it was going to be set on a prison planet with no women except Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver. It would be directed by a young first-time director called David Fincher. Much to the irritation of the RSC I had my (pretty long) hair shorn at Fish in D’Arblay Street – a number four if I recall. I’d been going to Fish since I’d done West at The Donmar Warehouse in 1983, and they’d been close-up witnesses to the disappearing head-fur since then. Anyway, I got offered the part of Aaron, or to be more accurate, Fincher recalled me and asked me which part I fancied playing. HOW COMPLETELY THRILLING !! (I thought) IS THIS WHAT MY LIFE WILL BE LIKE NOW??? I chose Aaron. The 2nd in command. The survivor. Good part. Or so I thought. This is an extract from my diary at the time – an actor at his first Hollywood barbeque, getting burned. Nobody explains what it’s going to be like, and even if they did, I didn’t listen. Who does ?

Alien 3 – Paranoia in Pinewood

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5 thoughts on “My Pop Life #171: Praying For Time – George Michael”

  1. Correction ~ the cinematographer on ‘Freedom! ’90’ was Mike Southon, BSC, not JC. And it was photogrpahed in late October 1990.

    These recently discovered rushes confirm it is still a beautiful piece of work ~

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  2. Fuckin’ A, Indiana Joe!

    I’d like to publish a full making of the video after the documentary premiere (will use the New York Times article for that). I hope the doc includes an HD version of the gorgeous video.


  3. You can see the beautiful quality of the original footage (best quality appears to be via Apple Music, who originally hosted it via GM fb). It looks noticeably different from all the YouTube encodes of the official video, let alone what was presumably done in telecine & post. í know the promo is part of a ‘Listen Without Prejudice’ limited box set DVD. No blu-ray though. Hopefully, the DVD should be a re-mastered transfer at least.

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    1. Thank you very much for the tip.

      But like those alternate takes that look recently scanned, don’t you think possible a new HD transfer for the Documentary broadcast and Blu-ray?


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